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The Editorial Board of the Patrologia Latina Database decided that it would benefit the user for more recent bibliographic information to be included in the coding of the data. Individual documents have therefore been given one of three codes, each corresponding to one or more of three standard reference works:

  • Code C
    DEKKERS (Eligius)
    Clavis patrum latinorum qua in novum Corpus Christianorum edendum optimas quasque scriptorum recensiones a Tertulliano ad Bedam commode recludit Eligius Dekkers opera usus qua rem praeparavit et iuvit Aemilius Gaar. pp.xii. 461. Brugis, 1951. 8o
  • Code G
    Pour revaloriser Migne. Tables rectificatives par Mgr. P. Glorieux. pp. 82. Lille, 1952. 8o
  • Code S
    Ad utramque J.P. Migne Patrologiam Supplementum sive Auctarium Solesmense. Solesmis, 1900, etc. 8o

The code appears in brackets after the entry for each relevant document in the Search Results with Context, Context of Matches, Table of Contents and Full Text, and denotes that reference is made to the documents in the work(s) specified by the code. An asterisk appearing with the code denotes that in one or more of the reference works cited, the author attribution given by Migne is queried or changed.

For example:

(C)* would denote that a document has an alternative author specified in the Clavis patrum latinorum, or that the author given by Migne is queried.

(C,S) would denote that reference is made to the document in the Clavis patrum latinorum and the Supplementum.

(C,G,S)* would denote that reference is made to the document in all three works, and that in one or more of them Migne's author attribution is queried or an alternative author specified.


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