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Editorial Policy
The production of the Patrologia Latina Database was undertaken with the advice and assistance of an Editorial Board. The board resolved that the database should contain the whole of Migne's Patrologia Latina. No part of the text - prefatory material, various kinds of notes, appendices - was to be omitted.

Since the Editorial Board took as its first principle the obligation to keep Migne's text intact, it further resolved not to intrude into the Patrologia Latina with textual emendations. The Board did decide however that it would be useful to include more recent bibliographic information in the coding of the data. Consequently, individual documents have been given one of three codes each corresponding to one of three standard reference works.

In addition, the Editorial Board decided that a distinction should be made in the Patrologia Latina Database between medieval and modern authors.

Patrologia Latina Editorial Board

Dr. Thomas P. Halton
Department of Greek and Latin
Catholic University of America

Dr. Mark Jordan
Coordinating Editor, Associate Professor
Medieval Institute
University of Notre Dame

Dr. E. Ann Matter
Professor, Chair
Department of Religious Studies
University of Pennsylvania

Dr. C. Michael Sperberg-McQueen
Editor, Text Encoding Initiative
University of Illinois at Chicago


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