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Where the authorship of a document is in doubt, 'Auctor incertus' precedes the author's name in brackets, for example 'Auctor incertus (Beda?)'. Documents with queried author names are indexed separately from other documents. This enables you to exclude queried authors from your search.

To include both forms of the author's name you will need to use the Boolean operator or, for example 'Auctor incertus (Beda?) or Beda'. To see a full list of author names, including any queried ones, you should consult the browse index.

Some documents have no clearly specified authors. An attempt has been made to differentiate classes of such documents by adopting the following naming conventions:

  • Auctor incertus:
  • where a document has no clearly specified author or where Migne says or implies that authorship is uncertain. Whenever Migne mentions one or more of those candidates, each author's name appears in the Full Text in brackets following 'Auctor incertus'.
  • Auctores varii:
  • where Migne has indicated several individual authors for a document or anthology of documents.
  • Editores:
  • where the text was composed by Migne or his editors.

    Note: Where Migne's author attribution in the Patrologia Latina is queried in one or more of the bibliographical reference works, an asterisk appears with the code in the Summary of Matches and Full Text pages.

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