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Using the Browse Indexes

A browse index listing all available search terms can be consulted for all of the fields in the Search page. All of the browse indexes are arranged alphabetically except for the Volume browse index which is arranged numerically. To access a browse index, select Browse next to the relevant search box.

On selecting Browse, you are presented with a search box into which you type the first few characters (stem) of the term you wish to look for.

Select Look for... and a browse index appears containing 30 entries with the nearest match to the stem highlighted. You can view preceding and following sections of the browse index by selecting the respective Up and Down buttons.

You can select as many terms as you like within each section of 30 entries. When the desired term or terms are highlighted, select OK to transfer them back to the relevant search box. When you transfer more than one search term from a browse index to a search box, the software automatically combines them using the Boolean operator or.

Note: Users of Netscape Navigator can multi-select contiguous terms using SHIFT+CLICK and non-contiguous terms using CTRL+CLICK. Highlighted terms can be deselected by moving the cursor to the relevant term and using CTRL+CLICK.

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