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From the Search page, you can use the Toolbar to clear the Search form, access the global Table of Contents page, open a context-sensitive Help page and consult general information about the database.

You can access the Search page by selecting the Search icon from the Toolbar of any of the Patrologia Latina Database pages. If you have already executed a search, your original search terms will be preserved in the Search form.

You can search the Patrologia Latina Database using a combination of the following criteria:

To conduct a search, either type the required search terms (individual words or phrases) into the relevant search boxes or select them from a browse index. Search Options are selected from drop-down lists.

In the Search page, you can combine search terms using Boolean and proximity searching and search for variations on search terms using truncation.

Note: Between search boxes, all terms are treated by default as if they were combined using the Boolean operator and.

Beneath the rule, a customize search results option enables you to specify the way in which results are retrieved.

When you have finished making your selections, select Search. The Summary of Matches page will appear displaying the results of your search.

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