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Help: Cross Search with Acta Sanctorum Database

From the Search page, you can use the Volume field to search for all documents within a particular volume, range of volumes or selection of volumes. There are 221 volumes in the Patrologia Latina Database, including four containing indices (218-221). Since the volumes of Migne's printed edition progress chronologically (from the 2nd/3rd century to the 13th century AD), searching by volume also allows you to search by a particular period.

There are two ways in which search terms can be entered into the Volume field. You can:

  • browse a list of volume numbers from which you can select terms to transfer back to the search box.

  • type an individual volume number or numbers directly into the Volume search box.

    For example:

When searching in the Volume field, you can use truncation to retrieve documents contained in sequences of volumes.

    For example:

This search would retrieve all documents in volume 8 as well as all documents in volumes 80 to 89. To further restrict the search to the volume sequence 80 to 89, the NOT operator can be used.

For example:

If you choose to search on more than one volume number, you can also combine them using Boolean searching.


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